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An IP address is the numerical identification number assigned to each device that allows both of you identify and reach you on the internet. IP addresses are binary numbers, but they are usually stored in text files and displayed in human-readable notations, such as, your IP address. An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. This IP address assignment can be basic or dynamic, but it is still unique on a network. It is impossible for two devices to have the same IP address when they are connected to the same network. The form of IPv4 IP address consists of a series of 4 numbers ranging each from 0 to 255 separated by periods. This identifier is atribue to each machine with a network interface that is connected to the Internet. It is possible to modify public IP address using proxy or VPN device.

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Show my IP on the Internet. Website to find and modify for free its Internet IP address. Show my IP to display visible public IP address on the Internet.
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Using a proxy can change its IP address. It is also possible with a VPN. There are also software allowing to simplify operations to hide his IP address on Internet.

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